#60 John Carpenter's Blue Hawaii

by We're Late For Class

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We've never mentioned this before, as you'll soon learn why, but Rudy insists he can travel to the future via thought transmissions. Sort of like an out-of-body experience, but out-of-mind. Anyway, on one of Rudy's recent trips (side note: Rudy does extraordinarily well on NFL betting sites), he told us he went to see a John Carpenter movie (in 2015) called Blue Hawaii. He clued us in to the plot, and we concocted this live soundtrack in the hopes of sufficiently freaking out John Carpenter - once he gets around to actual pre-production of the movie and does a web search. That he'll have to consider the idea of our soundtracking the film as some kind of pre-ordained fate. Some divine intervention. Which will eat away at him like a burrowing creature from one of his movies. Gnawing at his brain like a persistent question, reevaluating itself every millisecond for any updates. Either that or he'll just chuckle and let loose the hounds. Recorded live.


released November 20, 2011




We're Late For Class Florida

We're Late For Class: Live, improvisational college collective, w/ about a dozen rotating members, anti-contract, pro-herb, some cut & paste. 77 releases & counting + merch!

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