#44 Solar Musik

by We're Late For Class

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The Legend of the Vanishing Washington: Three stoned musicians go to a motel to sleep off a bender. The clerk says the room is $30, so each guy chips in a $10 bill and they all stumble up to their room. After a while, the clerk suddenly remembers, 'Hey, we have a $25 Stoned Musician's Special.' So he calls the bellhop over and gives him a $5 refund to take up to the room. On the way up in the elevator, the bellhop thinks to himself, 'Those guys were wasted, they'll never know. I'll just give each of the three guys a dollar back, so they'll have only paid $9 each for their room, and I'll keep $2 for myself.' Which he does, even though they were too smashed to care. So, in the end, the musicians paid $27 ($9 x 3 guys) and the bellhop kept $2 for himself. $27 + $2 = $29. Thus... The Legend of the Vanishing Washington. Recorded Live.

Landings On Moons Besides Our Own (5:17)
Flying (4:34)
Solar Musik (In Analog) (5:16)
Instrument Of Art (5:23)


released September 27, 2009




We're Late For Class Florida

We're Late For Class: Live, improvisational college collective, w/ about a dozen rotating members, anti-contract, pro-herb, some cut & paste. 77 releases & counting + merch!

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