#18 4D Man Sessions (Jazz In Absentia)

by We're Late For Class

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This really wasn't a session. During movie night, we watched the 1959 sci-fi classic 4D Man (with Robert Lansing) and we collectively noticed the stiff but spiffy jazz riffs that punctuated the background music. So, Lonnie copied the DVD and - while the rest of us kept bluntin' to the flick - whipped up some samples from the soundtrack's cheap, hi-hat, jazz drum'n'bass. We did the rest. The animated Bob K., whom you'll soon find took vocal charge of the sessions, was a stoned jazz wordsmith friend of Shelly's. The operative word is stoned... and goes directly to the axiom about being careful who you hand a microphone to. His ramblings are included here as a warning to others who might harbor a similar notion. The music itself is our half-baked take on a "get high and go raw junkie jazz" session. Hence the sub-title, Jazz In Absentia. The plan was to fill this out with more characters and sections, but... we never got around to it. We wasted the time instead on a sleek (but ripped-off) promo photo. Time is relative, they say. Since we doubt we'll come back to this, we're unloading... uh, we mean... uploading it here for your enjoyment. Recorded Live.

Take 3 Said... (2:13)
Kluzuski (6:37)
The Squeaky Chair 2 (2:51)


released December 23, 2007




We're Late For Class Florida

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